First Post September 01 2014


What do you get when you cross an accredited fitness leader who has worked with both children and adults for over 20 years with a professional children’s entertainer, musician, and former Captain Starlight? Well, apart from 25 years of marriage and two children, you get a fantastic combination of experience and creativity that has resulted in what over 15,000 children a week know as Happy Feet Fitness!

What is it?
Happy Feet Fitness is a regularly scheduled activity held at early learning centres across Australia. It draws on the fun of dance, the creativity of music and the joy of active play and adds one more ingredient – education! Whether it’s song and dance or fun movement for kids’ fitness, all of our classes are specially designed to encourage participation, expression and social interaction. Children shine the most when they feel like they belong and our classes create a non- competitive, safe, happy environment for all children to learn, laugh and grow.

One of the unique things about Happy Feet Fitness is that we create all of our own music, class themes and content. This combined with our thorough understanding of the EYLF principals has allowed us to create a program perfectly matched to required learning outcomes set out by the framework. We are continuously creating original music and content designed to engage young minds. We also build handmade props and costumes designed to fire up children’s imaginations. See how a class looks here!

Why offer it?
We are passionate about children’s health and well-being and believe that Happy Feet Fitness in your centre can make a difference. As we all now understand, the first five years of a child’s development are incredibly important – and behind parents, it’s early childhood educators who spend the most time with many children during these important formative years. That’s why we designed Happy Feet Fitness to run specifically in early learning and childcare centres. We understood that if we wanted to encourage as many young children as possible to develop a lifelong love of health, learning and wellbeing that we needed to be working alongside early childhood educators.

How does it work?
We know childcare centres are busy places and that the people working in them are also very busy – which is why our award-winning program is designed to complement your services. Happy Feet Fitness assists your educators in maximising learning opportunities for children and provides parents with an incredibly fun educational program their children are excited to be a part of. Happy Feet’s business processes are streamlined, systemised, efficient, friendly and hassle-free.

If you’d like to host Happy Feet Fitness at your centre, reach out to us on 1300 300 491!
We’re always happy to chat with early learning providers about forming new partnerships.